Type of post: Chorus news item
Posted By: Lynda Grass
Status: Current
Date Posted: Sat, May 30 2020

Virtual Chorus

Covid-19 has affected everything and everyone in today’s world, including the Crescent City Sound Chorus.  The last time the chorus sang together was March 9, following the Friends and Family performance on March 8.

But Director Mary Beth McMurray cannot be stopped. She organized  rehearsals each Monday night on ZOOM, and as usual, she had a lesson plan. She organized a social, then physical warm ups, vocal warm ups, video instructions, and section rehearsals where she put each group in its own “room."  The Rah Rah’s entertained with skits or games.

“We sing together but that is so difficult because we can’t hear each other” said member Debbie Mora.  “We love seeing our sister in harmony.  For some of us it is the highlight of our week.”

Mary Beth’s latest innovation was a virtual chorus. The chorus was issued a challenge while learning a new song, ”Locomotion.” Each member was asked to record her part and send it to be "stacked" with the others in her section.  Using an audio editing program, Mary Beth put the voices together by section, then put the four parts together.

“The Covid-19 Quarantine has severely limited our ability to sing together at the same time as a chorus.  However, we have been able to make ‘lemonade out of lemons’ and use the time for personal improvement and expansion of the chorus repertoire.  We are learning more about many topics regarding the voice  and figuring out new technology  to use to stay connected through our Zoom meetings,” she explained,

Their latest song, "It's The Music That Brings Us Together," written and arranged by Clay Hine says it all!

“The music will never stop as long as our members have faith and the will to succeed despite the quarantine.” said McMurray.  “Music is such a uniting and spiritual force.  “‘Locomotion' shows that CCSC chorus will continue to move forward as long as we have a voice!”

Thank you all who volunteered for this first project and thank you Mary Beth for leading our chorus into a bright future with the help of technology.

Tenors:  Patty and Emily
Leads:  Jill, Angela, Jeannine, Judy, Gabby
Baris:  Lauren, Christine, Robin, Lynda
Bass:  Sue E, Donna, Andie, Carolyn, Debbie