The end of 2019, these four ladies gathered to try out their voices and they loved the sound they made together.  So, the beginning of 2020 they decided on the name Mosaic and started working on their audition package for the music staff of their chorus.  Then the pandemic hit!  Being unable to meet in person made it difficult to blend with one another but they persisted.  They rehearsed by Zoom for months and really felt like the Brady Bunch with each one in their own corner of the computer screen.

Finally in June of 2020 they couldn’t wait any longer and met in a large home wearing masks and practicing social distancing so they could sing together.  There they recorded their audition package with plastic barriers between them.  And that’s the way we became – Mosaic!

A mosaic is made up of individual pieces which alone may be pretty but together create a beautiful multidimensional masterpiece. In the same way Mosaic is made up of four unique ladies, each with beauty, heart, and talent. Emily Lapouble sings tenor and is a music teacher at Arden Cahill Academy. She is part of the directing team of the Crescent City Sound chorus.  She is our shepherdess and is always looking out for the well-being of others.  Donna Oliver sings bass and teaches at Kenner Discovery.  Donna is also a member of the directing team of the chorus.  She has a velvety smooth bass voice and an impeccable ear.  Robin Stead sings baritone and works at Tulane University. Robin is the smart one in this group!  She is true to her baritone part by keeping the quartet organized with schedules and finances.  Her voice fits in perfectly with the rest of the quartet, always finding that note in the middle of nowhere.  With a great foundation like this all you need is a lead to sing the melody.  That’s where Jill Harsch comes in.  Jill works from her home for The Strickland Group.  Her voice is the perfect compliment to rest of the quartet.  When these four ladies come together, they make beautiful music!