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Ms Lilli Arning

Member, Ways and Means Coordinator, Bass

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  • Office(s): Ways and Means Chair
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  • I have alway known that I would be a singer and sang at any opportunity that presented itself when I was a kid.  I sang in the school chorus at Chapelle High School and performed in many musicals at Rummel High School during my highschool years.  After graduation, I sang with a folk group for many years and then with a top-40 band.  After majoring in Chemistry and Biology at UL and UNO, I quit college and worked in Nuclear Medicine at Touro Hospital.  I returned to UNO to earn a BA in Vocal Performance in 1974 them moved to Germany and sang concerts, operas and music reviews.  I returned to the US and received my Masters of Music in Vocal Performance from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1983.  I continued to sing both classical and non-classical music in Richmond, Va and the surrounding area until I moved back to Metairie shortly before Katrina because my mother had a stroke.  I did not sing publically again until joining the Crescent City Sound Chorus in fall of 2016.  It was a long dry period but thanks to Kitty Warner, I was back performing and learning a new style of singing and thanks to Mary Beth McMurray, I was relearning the correct way to sing any kind of music.