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Karla Crenshaw

Member, Lead


Karla is originally from Port Arthur, Texas and moved with her family to the New Orleans area in 1972.  Being from a musical family, Karla had the privilege of singing with her mother in her church choir. As a youth, Karla really enjoyed going to practice every Sunday afternoon.  As an adult, she sang with the churches that she attended.  

Working from home as an executive assistant, Karla runs her employer’s hardwood flooring and paneling business. Her hobbies are spending time with her dog and getting together with friends on the weekend to see movies at the theatre, eat sushi, and attend plays at the Jefferson Performing Arts Theatre. You will also find her perusing museums and participating in special events.

Hurricane Katrina found Karla’s younger sister moving to Sugar Land, Texas. She also has an older brother, Clint, who still lives in the New Orleans area. Clint also has a musical background and often works with Karla on her music. Karla is the mother of an adult son named Conner.