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Jeannine Thibodaux

Member, Assistant Director, Lead

Chorus Details

Office(s): Assistant Director
Choreography Team Leader
Lead Section Director


Who am I?

1.I know how to pop a clutch to get a car started, from having to do it so many times when our car would kill. 

2. Growing up, my friends and I would sing together and put on plays for our parents. 

3. I was on a diving team as a teenager

4. I worked as a lifeguard in high school. 

5. I danced in several ballet performances en pointe including  in the ballet Cinderella as one of the stepsisters

6. I am the shortest one in my family. 

Jeannine is CCSC’s associate director and choreographer. She has been a member of Sweet Adelines since 1983. She runs the rehearsals while Skyping with director Mary Beth and is Section Lead Director.  She was elected to Sweet Adelines Region 10’s “Wall of Fame” in 2008. She is Lead singer in Fleur de Lis Quartet.