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Debbie Mora

Member, Events Coordinator & Choreography Team, Bass

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Event Coordinator
Choreography Team Leader


From a very young age, Debbie had a love for dancing and singing.  One night at a banquet, she heard a men’s barbershop quartet and loved the harmony.  She thought there was a women’s equivalent to this wonderful harmony and checked out the Sweet Adelines website, but the timing wasn’t right to join.  Two years later, when she desperately needed something to do after Hurricane Katrina, she saw an article in the newspaper regarding the Crescent City Sound Chorus re-forming.  After checking it out and auditioning a few weeks later, three weeks after that she found herself on the regional contest stage.  The beautiful harmony and camaraderie reeled her in.  She was hooked and the rest is history.  

Debbie taught dance for close to 30 years (ballet/pointe, tap, jazz, acrobatics).  She was a member and co-captain of the first Saints Dance Team for four years (Mam’selles/Saintsations), and a first runner up in the Miss Dance of Louisiana pageant.  She appeared on stage in theater performances for many years at LePetit Theatre, Rivertown Theatre, Jefferson Performing Arts Society, and other local theaters.  Debbie is a retired secretary/legal secretary and now works as a travel agent.  She is the proud mother of a son, 2 step-daughters, and 3 grandchildren.  She thanks her husband, Tom, for his support of her one night a week hobby.