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Janie Soslow

Inactive Associate Member, Inactive Bass


Janie's first experience with Sweet Adelines was in April 1967 when she began to sing in a chorus with her mother. Since then she has sung in multiple choruses which participated in regional and international competitions. She is a life-long educator with experience in facilitating learning in young children through adults both in academic, professional and cultural arenas.

Sweet Adelines allowed Janie to offer her leadership expertise on the chapter and regional levels, serving on committees, as well as leadership boards and teams. With Renee Craig, she spearheaded the formation of the Carnival Chorus comprised of all Louisiana chorus members, the first of its kind in Sweet Adelines. The Carnical Chorus performed often at the Louisiana World Exposition in 1984 and again on the Sweet Adelines International  stage in 1995.. Truly Sweet Adelines has fostered the concept of "finding her voice" in more that one facet of her life. 

Janie's joy is watching the light go on in a person's eyes as she experiences singing barbershop music for the first time. In addition, she finds the intensity of song production exhilerating!