For Prospective Members -- Listen!

ForNewMembersThe magic of learning "music tracks."

"One Song At  A Time" is one of the two songs a prospective member must learn to pass her audition. She will be assinged one part, Lead, Tenor, Bari or Bass.


Click here to listen to the tracks and see how easy and fun it is to learn your part.

"How We Sang Today" is the other song a prospective member must learn to pass her audition.          Click here 


If you love singing and love harmony, visit a rehearsal to learn more! 


Crescent City Sound Audition Process

First visit:

  • You will be greeted by a Membership Committee member and introduced to our Directing Team
  • You will be asked to fill out an information form so that we can contact you.
  • A member of the Directing Team will do a preliminary evaluation to determine your ability to sing in tune and your range capability in order to place you in the part that best suits your voice. 
  • You will be given a Guest folder with music and will stand next to a section leader who will take care of you and guide you through your first rehearsal with us!
  • After rehearsal, you will meet briefly with the Membership Coordinator, the Directing Team member who did your evaluation, and the section leader you stood by to make sure any questions you have can be answered.

Second Visit:

  • Again you will be greeted by a member of the Membership Committee and given a music folder to use during rehearsal.
  • You will stand next to a Section Leader who will again guide you through the rehearsal.
  • At the end of rehearsal you will meet briefly with The Section Leader and Membership Coordinator who will ask if you would like to have copies of the audition songs to practice.  They will show you which line to follow in the sheet music and make arrangements to get the sheet music and learning tracks to you.
  • The audition songs are:  “One Song At A Time” and “How We Sang Today”

Third and successive Visits:

  • This week you will be assigned a “Riser Buddy” who will give you moral support and be a friend who will guide you along socially.
  • After this rehearsal you will be offered an opportunity to practice the audition songs with a section leader.  She will arrange a time and place to help you if you need it.
  • You will practice until you can sing the audition songs to the part missing learning track.

Audition Timeline:
A prospective member may audition after her third rehearsal. Fewer rehearsals may be allowed at the discretion of the Director and the Music Staff.


  1. Prior to rehearsal or after a rehearsal
  2. Prospective member will sing her part to the learning track 3 parts which will be recorded and sent to the Director and Music Staff for evaluation.
  3. The Prospective Member will recieve an email with the results of her audition within 3 days time

Post Audition:
    Membership process is continued by the Membership Coordinator.