For Prospective Members -- Listen!

ForNewMembersThe magic of learning "music tracks."

"Harmonize The World" is one of the two songs a prospective member must learn to pass her audition. She will be assinged one part, Lead, Tenor, Bari or Bass.


Click here to listen to the tracks and see how easy and fun it is to learn your part.

If you love singing and love harmony, visit a rehearsal to learn more!


Crescent City Sound Audition Process

First visit:

  1. Tina or Jeannine will do a voice placement evaluation
  2. Membership Coordinator takes the prospective member and assigns a riser buddy

Second Visit:

  1. Prospective member is given the music and learning tracks for “How We Sang Today” and “Harmonize The World”

Third and successive Visits:

  1. Prospective member is invited to come early to rehearsal to work with a section leader on her part.

By the 6th visit, the prospective member should be ready to audition. Membership Coordinator or Section Leader will inform Mary Beth that the prospective is ready. MB or her designee will arrange the audition specifics.


  1.  Prior to rehearsal, preferably on a Saturday rehearsal or Monday when MB is there.
  2. Prospective member will sing her part to the learning track 3 parts.
  3. Conducting the audition: Director or one Asst. Director and the Section Leader who will record and send to MB.
  4. The prospective is thanked and told to expect an email within 2 to 3 days with the results.

Post Audition:

  1. The audition recording is reviewed by MB and sent to all Music Staff members for comments.
  2. The prospective member is informed via email of the Music Staff decision.
  3. Membership process is continued by the Membership Coordinator.