Contest 2024

Contest Journey to success!
Fall Show Retreat 2022

Seashore United Methodist Assembly in Biloxi,MS Sept 23-25, 2022
We're Back!!!

March 8, 2019 was that last time Crescent City Sound Chorus sang together. It was a special stage performance for family and friends. Every year CCSC goes to Houston for Region 10 Sweet Adeline competition. They were hoping once again to bring back medals of achievement. March 8th was the day they would show their family and friends the performance they had been perfecting for competition. A few week later a member who lived at Lambert House came down with Covid-19 and shortly after her husband died from it. Sweet Adelines Region 10 competition, Houston was cancelled. It's been a long time.
Crescent City Sound Chorus & The Woodlands Show Chorus

"It's The Music That Brings Us Together" Crescent City Sound Chorus and The Woodlands Show Chorus Zoomed a joint rehearsal. directed by Mary Beth McMurray and Betty Clipman
2020 October Open House Virtual Membership Halloween Party

Open House Virtual Membership Halloween Party with special guests Titanium Quartet
Past Competitions

CCSC performing at Smoothie Center New Orleans, SAI Competition, Harmony Classic,official Mic Testers
SAI 2019 Mic Tester

CCSC was asked to open the Sweet Adeline International convention as Mic Testers.
2019 Christmas Party

Christmas party at Jeannine's home.
Back Home and Cleaning up

Back at Delgado. A crew of wonderful ladies came to clean.
2018 Pitch Camp - a cappella camp

Pitch Camp is an a cappella camp for young women ages 12-26 hosted by Crescent City Sound Chorus. The camp was made possible by a generous grant from the New Orleans Hash House Harriers, and their Red Dress Run event. *Photos are credited to Laura DeGraw, Region 10 Young Women in Harmony